V.F. Lanasa Inc

Fruit and Produce

317 Hull Street Rd Richmond VA  23224

Ph: ​804-233-7621 Fax: 804-233-0219

it all starts with a seed

    V.F.Lanasa Inc.

  V.F. Lanasa is a family owned business that originated in Baltimore, Maryland in 1855.  The business was originally A. Lanasa Steamship Company started by Antonio Lanasa, its main focus was importing Bananas . His son, Vincent F. Lanasa later moved the business to Richmond Virginia and started V.F. Lanasa Incorporated. The company still resides in Richmond today and is run by Vincent's son Anthony Lanasa.

      We offer  a wide variety of fresh Fruits and Vegetables from across the US. Our warehouse is equipped to re-pack, sort, bag and weigh the Fruits and Vegetables we sell and deliver. This combined with a lifetime of knowledge and a dedicated staff enables us to offer the the highest quality Fruits and Vegetables at a fair price.